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What Makes TTR the Best?

Our people and their care for others.  Our goal is to improve people's lives.  Everything we do is done with this goal in mind.  We accomplish this goal by empowering clients with best in class tax solutions and the best customer service anywhere.

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All tax professionals share a common purpose:

Tax professionals have to:

(1) understand what their business is buying and selling,

(2) find and read relevant tax laws,

(3) understand those laws, and

(4) apply them to their company's purchases and sales,

(5) the result – a Tax Answer in order to GET TAX RIGHT

Traditional tax research websites simply publish laws and notify subscribers when laws change or new ones are released.

TTR is different.  Like you, we are tax professionals.  We have to know what every company in every industry buys and sells.  We then find and read the relevant tax laws, understand those laws, and then apply them to your business's purchases and sales.  The result – A Tax Answer to empower you to get tax right.

The new standard for tax in your business.
TTR is the New Standard for Tax

TTR provides sales and use tax answers and tax rates to thousands of companies.  TTR provides updated tax research for nearly every industry in every state.

Amazing people create amazing products.
TTR has Amazing People

We won't stop until we provide simple tax answers that are fully supported for every transaction everywhere.  We won't stop then either, because we also have to make certain that all of these answers, explanations, and supporting documents are up-to-date.

...I used to spend hours reading regulations, once I found the one I wanted/needed, on the various taxing jurisdictions websites.  No more do I have to do that!!! I pull TTR up and presto bingo I have an answer.  AND, as a bonus, if I don't understand the plain English of the answer, I can always reach out to the wonderful people at TTR and ask for more clarification.  Can't do that on a state's website, and calling them can take hours.  I always receive and answer back very quickly from TTR.  Your team understands that I need answers timely, and they know what they are doing.

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Get Tax Right.

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Every item that can be bought or sold has a tax answer, and we have them all – without all the complicated legal jargon.

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Get access to hundreds of thousands of Statutes, Regulations, Cases & Agency Guidance across the United States.

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A tax rate solution that gives you a rate right down to an exact street address.  With full legal support.

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