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Traditional tax research websites publish laws and notify subscribers when laws change or new ones are released.  TTR is different.  Like you, we are tax professionals.  We start with identifying what every company in every industry buys and sells.  We then find and read relevant tax laws, understand those laws, and apply them to your business purchases and sales.

The result: we've created one of the largest, complete libraries of tax research for nearly every industry in every state.

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Best-in-class legal research system with suggested terms, smart filters, and more.  It's never been easier or simpler to find the right tax law.

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Access, export, & share industry specific tax rates by city, state, county, & ZIP.

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TTR has far more explanations than other tax websites, which means you spend less time answering tax questions.  We write explanations in plain English for everything that matters to your business.

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In just seconds, access all tax answers for products and services specific to any industry and state.  Easily export and share with your team to ensure transactions are taxed correctly.

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For POS because our sales are so high, if we don't charge the customer the correct tax, and under audit we ended up underpaying sales tax we would be responsible for that tax because we would not be able to go back to the customer to collect it.  TTR is the best solution on the market for accurate tax answers and rates for a retailer.

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