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Our tax consulting services deliver value, increase cash flow and profitability, and improve the quality of people's lives.  TTR Consulting is focused on sale, use, and transaction tax.  In fact, it is all we do.  TTR Consulting does not audit financial statements, perform attest work, or render opinions on such matters.  As a result, TTR Consulting is not restricted by Sarbanes-Oxley.

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TTR Tax Recovery


TTR Consulting quickly finds, fixes, and recovers mistakenly paid tax for the most respected companies in the world.  Unlike other consulting firms, TTR Consulting has technology available to fix the underlying causes of tax overpayments.

"Faster results, better results, and the best customer service available anywhere.  There is nothing like TTR's Consulting Group."

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TTR Tax Consulting


Anything tax related, TTR Consulting can help.  Nexus Studies, Tax Registrations, Voluntary Disclosures, Process Improvement, Use Tax Exposure Analysis, Tax Automation Implementations, and Tax Department Best Practices Reports are just some of the services available with TTR Consulting.

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For over a decade, TTR Consulting has built positive and strong working relationships with state and local governments.  These relationships are built on a foundation of fairness – to both our clients and governments.  The common goal is to make sure tax is paid right – never too much or too little.

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TTR Consulting uses TTR's Best in Class rightRates and taxAnswers to provide taxAutomation solutions that work.  Connecting your company's products and services to TTR's industry leading tax answers and tax rates is simply a phone call away.  TTR Consulting can help.

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For POS because our sales are so high, if we don't charge the customer the correct tax, and under audit we ended up underpaying sales tax we would be responsible for that tax because we would not be able to go back to the customer to collect it.  TTR is the best solution on the market for accurate tax answers and rates for a retailer.

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