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True Tax Automation consists of four parts: Accurate Tax Answers, Valid Exemption Certificates, Physical Locations, and Right Tax Rates - down to the exact street address.  TTR maintains tax laws, explanations, tax rates, exemption certificates and tax answers – all in house.  We do the research to ensure your company is automatically right.

"It is nearly impossible to actually automate sales and use tax without TTR.  Most people just don't know." - Fortune 500 Executive

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Tax automation done right.  Finally.

What is "Tax Automation?" Many companies would have you believe that connectors, software stuff, and integrations are tax automation.  In reality, accurate tax answers, valid customer exemption software, detailed geographic locations, and tax rates are what makes tax automation work, not software alone.  After all, if it is not right, does it matter if it is automatic?

TTR's taxAutomation is different.  Tax Automation consists of four parts:

TTR Automate Tax Answers

Accurate Tax Answers

TTR Automate Exemption Certificates

Valid Exemption Certificates

TTR Automate Physical Locations

Physical Locations (Geographies)

TTR Automate Right Tax Rates

Right Tax Rates

TTR Exemption Certificate Management System
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TTR's ECMS proprietary advanced technologies will actually "validate" exemption certificates before they get stored.  This makes certain that your tax automation solution has valid certificates for exempt transactions.  No other provider has anything like it.

TTR Right Rates
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TTR rightRates are right, kept up-to-date, and come with full legal support.  Other tax automation providers default to the highest available rate if they don't know which rate to choose.  Does that sound right to you?

TTR Tax Automation taxMatrix
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With TTR's taxMatrix you can now create your own tax decision matrix (TDM), save it, export it, and have tax answers updated on a daily basis.  TTR's taxMatrix is designed to be integrated with your accounting or billing software.  In addition, every tax answer is directly linked to full legal backup and a history of changes.  If tax automation is important to you, TTR's taxMatrix is essential to getting tax right.

TTR Custom Tax Matrix (customMatrix)
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Want TTR to take your products and services and create a tax matrix tailored to your business? TTR's customMatrix is the answer.  With all the great features of TTR's taxMatrix, your customMatrix gives you peace of mind that your exact fact patterns, business model, and circumstances are all taken into account as you reach for a tax answer.  

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For POS because our sales are so high, if we don't charge the customer the correct tax, and under audit we ended up underpaying sales tax we would be responsible for that tax because we would not be able to go back to the customer to collect it.  TTR is the best solution on the market for accurate tax answers and rates for a retailer.

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