TTR Provides Support


As a TTR user, it is crucial to be able to use your tools how you want & when you want.  Our dedicated team of professionals are available by phone to provide technical assistance.  Our priority is you.  That starts with the best customer service available anywhere. You call, we pick up the phone.  You email, we answer.  Normally the same day.

TTR is hosted on dedicated equipment, not on someone else's servers, and is located in state-of-the-art data centers.

TTR Provides Support

Ask a Question.
Get an Answer.

TTR lets you ask a question and get an answer.  TTR's team of legal researchers is there for you.  Complex business transactions, complicated issues, don't know what to do – simply reach out to TTR and we'll be there for you.

TTR Provides Unlimited Training

Unlimited Training.

TTR is designed with the customer in mind. Unlike other providers, we don't charge for teaching you how to use TTR.

If you ever have need training, want some help on how to make the most of TTR, or just want to double check something, we're here to support you – no extra charge.

I've been thoroughly impressed with the response time, the citations given in support of explanations, access to all the relevant statutes and regulations, your willingness to entertain suggestions on how to improve, and the amicable staff that have corresponded directly with me via email or phone, especially TTR's legal research team - wow!

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