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We save clients countless hours by giving them easy to find, accurate tax answers.

In a case study on speed, three individuals were used.  Two of them were tax lawyers and the third was a non-tax professional with no legal expertise.  One tax lawyer used the internet.  The other tax lawyer used a traditional tax publishing website.  All of them were asked to simply find a tax answer and email the answer along with full legal support.

TTR Tax Answers Save Time
TTR Reduces Time

Reduce Research Time.

One of the world's largest consulting firms conducted a one year study using TTR for tax research versus other traditional tax publishing websites.

Their professionals used both TTR and traditional tax publishing websites to complete research projects during the course of the year.

After careful analysis, they concluded that TTR significantly reduced their research time (time spent finding a tax answer).

I use TTR because it's so much easier.  I used to spend a full day on the internet doing research and now it's down to about 30 minutes.  It really ties into the overall time savings because monthly time savings improvement carries over to making year-end easier as well.

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