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Tax rates need to be right.  It takes three things to get the right rate:

  • Accurate locations. ZIP and ZIP+4 codes can get close, but are not right.  TTR rightRates uses accurate locations.  Using exact geographic boundaries for states, counties, cities, and special districts is an effective way to get it right.
  • Correctly researched tax rates. TTR's Tax Rates College has you covered, with research for tax rates.  TTR rightRates provides legal support for tax rates.
  • Up-to-date tax rates. TTR's Tax Rates College, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, ensures that tax rates are up-to-date.

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TTR Right Rates

Rates by Address.

ZIP codes were created by the US Postal Service and can group as many as 12 different tax rates within a single boundary.  Using ZIP codes to look up tax rates is messy and can deliver the wrong result.

We use proprietary software and custom drawn maps to deliver accurate rates in real time.

TTR Right Rates Early Access

Early Access Reports.

For added convenience, TTR provides early access to rates to help spread out the workload for updating rates each month.  We also provide reports in plain English to give you a quick overview of what's changed in a few sentences.

TTR Right Rates Highlights Rate Changes

Highlighted Changes.

We know tracking tax rate changes can be challenging - that's why we provide detailed reports with highlighted rate changes for you to easily spot what has changed at a glance.

More than just sales & use tax rates.

We know tax rates are not the same for every industry.  We know because we've done the research.  TTR provides industry-specific tax rates for the following:

TTR Telecom Tax Rates


TTR Food & Beverage Tax Rates

Food & Beverage

TTR Beer, Wine, & Liquor Tax Rates

Beer, Wine, & Liquor

TTR Lodging Tax Rates


TTR Automotive Tax Rates


TTR Fuel Tax Rates


TTR 911 Emergency Tax Rates

911 Emergency

TTR Custom Tax Rates


TTR More Tax Rates

and More!

Service provided by TTR is an exceptional value.  I have been a part of three (3) different company accounting teams that has used TTR as a key resource for sales and local tax reporting.  TTR's service pays for itself by minimizing the liability associated with inaccurate filings due to incorrect rates or missed jurisdictions.  We think of TTR as an integral part of our Company's ERP and financial reporting strategy.  Obviously we feel very positive about our business relationship.

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