TTR Announces Release of Exemption Certificate Management System (ECMS)

Thursday, July 27th, 2017


McMinnville OR, July 25th - TTR, the tax answer company, announced the release of a groundbreaking and time-saving product for tax professionals. With TTR's new Exemption Certificate Management System (ECMS), subscribers can quickly upload, store, edit, verify, manage, request, export, and save exemption certificates all in one place.

Tax professionals will have the ability to quickly locate certificates by vendor name, state, or other search criteria and then easily export all selected certificates.

"One of the requests we've received over and over from tax professionals is an easy way to manage exemption certificates for all states. We asked our existing subscribers what the ideal exemption certificate management system would look like and used the feedback to create the best ECMS available." - Alex Bowling, Chief Technology Officer

TTR's ECMS notifies subscribers when certificates are going to expire and provides easy point-and-click access to send or request updated certificates. Other things you can do in ECMS include:

  • Organize customer exemption certificates separately from your company-issued exemption certificates.
  • E-sign exemption certificates - fully digital.
  • Send requests for new certificates with a single click.
  • Pre-fill required information when renewing existing certificates ( a huge time-saver).
  • Upload new certificates with ease.
  • View or download any or all certificates.
  • Request a new certificate from a vendor.
  • Full legal support for all exemption certificates.
  • Over 3X the number of available exemption certificates versus other providers.

The ECMS launches July 31st. Go to to learn more!

About TTR

Transaction (buying or selling things), Tax (the tax on this activity), Resources (our people, our website, our support services) - TTR, Inc.

TTR has a website that companies subscribe to and use daily. This website provides a list of everything that can be bought or sold in the U.S. It provides simple answers to whether buying or selling these items is taxable (subject to a sales tax or other tax), and it provides all the legal authority to support these tax answers.

TTR likes to keep things simple and fun, which is why it has great people who provide help to clients on any support questions they have about transaction tax issues.

Please visit TTR on the web at or call 866.578.8193.

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