TTR Releases Free Louisiana Sales and Use Tax Matrix for Over 300+ Product and Services

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

The Louisiana Department of Revenue
Streamlined Sales Tax

McMinnville, OR, April 4, 2016 - TTR, the industry leader in providing accurate, current, supported, and easy to find sales and use tax answers, has released an enhanced version of its Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for Louisiana.

Why did TTR do this?

TTR works with several state tax agencies toward the larger goal of simplifying sales and use tax answers nationally. A huge step toward this goal was to create a Uniform Tax Matrix ("UTM") and make it publicly available.

After recent changes in Louisiana's sales and use tax rules, it made sense to re-issue our Louisiana UTM and tell the world about it.

How did TTR do this?

"TTR's team compiles lists of products and services across all industries. Our research team then researches whether these products and services are subject to sales or use tax across all states. TTR also captures correct tax rates. TTR then makes all of this information available to subscribers. The Uniform Tax Matrix was an idea based on feedback from multistate companies that were struggling with Streamlined versus Non-Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Member state matrices.

The Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) is an organization that focuses on simplifying state-level tax sales and use tax. Twenty-four states are currently members of the project. Member states are required to publish tax matrices that provide tax answers for over 240 items.

As we looked into these valuable, state-issued tax matrices, there were some value added steps we felt we could take to provide the public with a single, uniform product - one that could be used across all states, not just the member states. That was the start of our Uniform Tax Matrix.

We ended up taking the hundreds of individual products and services that are listed in the Streamlined sales and use tax matrices. We put them together, added roughly an additional hundred products and services. We then researched that list everywhere!

The result is our Uniform Tax Matrix. The first ever sales and use tax matrix for all states, with the exact same products and services for uniformity. We then decided to make it available for free. We felt this would give professionals and opportunity to look at what we do for subscribers. Hopefully, people reach out for a subscription to get even more valuable content. If not though, that is okay too. We are always happy to help others." - Shon Holyfield - CEO, TTR, Inc.

Where do I get the free UTM?

Visit TTR and take a look for yourself. Click on the "PRODUCTS" button at the top of the page (located at to access TTR's free Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for every state. It will ask for a quick registration - this to ensure that others don't just download, repackage, and try to resell this valuable content.


About TTR

Transaction (buying or selling things), Tax (the tax on this activity), Resources (our people, our website, our support services) - TTR, Inc.

TTR has a website that companies subscribe to and use daily. This website provides a list of everything that can be bought or sold in the U.S. It provides simple answers to whether buying or selling these items is taxable (subject to a sales tax or other tax), and it provides all the legal authority to support these tax answers.

TTR likes to keep things simple and fun, which is why it has great people who provide help to clients on any support questions they have about transaction tax issues.

Please visit TTR on the web at or call 866.578.8193.

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