TTR Releases Expanded Tax Answer Charts

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


(McMinnville, Oregon, November 20, 2014) Transaction Tax Resources (TTR), the industry leader in providing accurate sales and use tax answers, is excited to announce a significant tool for sales and use tax professionals.

We spent years developing this content. We recently gathered feedback from leaders in every industry: our clients. When asked, our clients shared a desire for fast, accurate, and audit-defensible tax answers. TTR has expanded its Tax Answer Charts in order to satisfy all three of these desires.

  • Fastest Tax Answers - Anywhere. With TTR's Tax Answer Charts, a user can immediately access a tax answer in the form of a "T" for Taxable or "E" for exempt. In just seconds, TTR subscribers can see all tax answers for products and services specific to their industry.
  • More Content - Than Anyone. TTR's Tax Answer Charts provide access to over 110,000 tax-relevant products and services. 110,000. That is not a mistake. That is nearly 50 times (50X) the content of any other provider of sales and use tax answers.
  • More Features - Than Anyone. TTR's Tax Answer Charts are rich with features unavailable anywhere else. Unlike other quick reference charts, TTR's Tax Answer Charts let users edit them in real time. Gone are the days of having to re-run a chart and move back and forth between screens. TTR's Tax Answer Charts export cleanly and without formatting issues common to other tools available in the marketplace. You have to see it to believe it.
  • Sales & Customer Invoices. TTR's Tax Answer Charts ensure that customers are invoiced only the correct amount of tax. Nothing kills a sale or strains a customer relationship quicker than incorrect taxes. TTR's Tax Answer Charts are a fast, accurate, and effective way to ensure that customers are invoiced correctly.
  • Use Tax Compliance. TTR's Tax Answer Charts significantly improve the use tax accrual process. Quick access to relevant, accurate, and up-to-date use tax answers is the single largest challenge for companies today. With TTR's Tax Answer Charts, companies can quickly share relevant tax answers with Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and the Tax Department. These three groups ensure that purchases are taxed correctly.
  • Reduce Audits. TTR's Tax Answer Charts reduce audits by improving the accuracy of use tax accruals and sales tax charged on customer invoices. TTR's reputation with US companies, industries, state governments, and universities serves as evidence that TTR is the trusted leader in accurate sales and use tax answers, research, and information.

Getting a quick reference guide has never been this easy. Export your chart and share it with your team for reference in handling sales tax audits.

TTR Tax Answer Charts - another way TTR makes it simple.

About TTR

Transaction (buying or selling things), Tax (the tax on this activity), Resources (our people, our website, our support services) - TTR, Inc.

TTR has a website that companies subscribe to and use daily. This website provides a list of everything that can be bought or sold in the U.S. It provides simple answers to whether buying or selling these items is taxable (subject to a sales tax or other tax), and it provides all the legal authority to support these tax answers.

TTR likes to keep things simple and fun, which is why it has great people who provide help to clients on any support questions they have about transaction tax issues.

Please visit TTR on the web at or call 866.578.8193.

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