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TTR has many more tax charts and explanations than other tax publishing websites.   We start with your industry and ask: What does it buy? What does it sell?

We then take a consistent list of things bought and sold and have a team of lawyers perform actual research.  We read laws, understand them, apply facts to them, and create a plain English answer & explanation of how and why the law applies to what was bought or sold – in every state.

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I tried looking out there for a service that would give us what TTR offers for comparison.  I was not able to find anyone that offers TTR's kind of service.  There are several companies who do have some tax answers if you go to their website and search for certain things, but it is not even close to the amount of knowledge base that TTR has...

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Every item that can be bought or sold has a tax answer, and we have them all – without all the complicated legal jargon.

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Get access to hundreds of thousands of Statutes, Regulations, Cases & Agency Guidance across the United States.

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A tax rate solution that gives you a rate right down to an exact street address.  With full legal support.

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