TTR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Need an answer about TTR? We've got you covered on the most commonly asked questions.

What is TTR?

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TTR is a subscription-based website used by thousands of companies to get tax right.  Tax professionals choose TTR to look up how to accurately invoice customers and pay the right amount of sales & use tax on their purchases.

What does TTR stand for?

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The Tax Research Company.

Why is TTR different?

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TTR is a tax website like no other tax website.  In addition to providing tax laws and tax rates, TTR does something no one else does.  TTR does tax research to provide tax answers to tax questions.  TTR is the only tax website that has done the research for you.

We start with your industry and ask: What does it buy? What does it sell? We then take a consistent list of things bought or sold and perform actual research.  We read laws, understand them, apply facts to them, and create a plain English answer & explanation of how and why the law applies to what was bought or sold – for every state.

How does TTR work?

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We have real people doing real tax research – and keep tax answers up-to-date in real-time.  We offer different levels of products and services to help businesses get tax right.  Get in touch with our sales team today to request a demo.

I'm worried about audits, how does TTR protect my company?

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TTR is used by state and local governments.  TTR also receives real time feedback from these same state and local governments on TTR tax answers.  TTR clients have reduced and/or eliminated audit liabilities by using TTR to accurately apply tax to their company's purchases and sales.

Tax rules and exemptions change all the time, what if I have a question?

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Got a question? Ask us anything using the Question & Answers tool.  Send a question to TTR's research team, and get back a correct answer in record time – usually the same day.

I don't see a pricing plan, how will my company be charged for TTR?

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TTR provides annual web based subscriptions – though there is not a one-size fits all tax solution for all business types.  Every business is unique and has different needs in order to get tax right.  We tailor our tax solutions to work for your business.

What happens after I sign up? Am I on my own?

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TTR offers best-in-class support – when you call us, we are here to help.  Never a robot.  TTR also provides unlimited free training on the use of TTR's website and TTR's Exemption Certificate Management Solution.  We have a dedicated training team to help you get the most out of TTR.  Need training now?
Click here to get in touch with our training team.

I'm sold! How do I sign up?

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That's awesome – you rock! Click here to get started.

TTR's information is absolutely amazing.  Nothing compares – the other tax websites don't even have a shadow of the content that TTR has.  How could anyone use another tax website after seeing TTR?

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