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Tax Research Standard

Avalara provides advanced tools and direct access to tax experts to empower you to get tax right.  

Whether you are facing complex business transactions, complicated issues, or just don't know what to do – with Tax Expert Access, you can simply reach out to our team of tax experts and we'll help you get tax right.

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Avalara Tax Answers
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Determining the taxability of an item can be time consuming and complicated – no matter how good you are.  Our tax answers can make your tax research faster.  Our team of experts take complex tax research and gives simple answers – "Yes, Taxable" or "No, Exempt."

Avalara Tax History
Avalara Tax Answer History


Avalara provides a history of tax laws and tax answers.  With just one click, go back in history and see every tax answer change, when it happened, and even past versions of laws.  This is powered by years of tracking, storing, and analyzing every tax answer change.

Avalara taxDecision
Avalara taxDecision


Avalara's taxDecision effortlessly walks you through the right questions so that you get a correct tax answer.  This ensures that nothing gets missed.

Avalara Tax Expert
Avalara Tax Expert


Avalara has tax experts on call.  Simply send a tax question to Avalara's tax experts and get back a correct answer in record time: usually the same day.

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