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TTR Colleges.

TTR is organized into colleges.  A college is simply defined as an organized group of professional people with particular goals, aims, duties, privileges, and responsibilities.

Everyone at TTR is part of a TTR College.  We use our unique organizational structure to improve the quality of people's lives—everywhere.

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TTR is a group of Colleges that work together to improve the quality of peoples' lives.  Every member of TTR is committed to the purpose of improving the quality of peoples' lives (including their own).

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The Consulting College is a team of sales and use tax experts whose focus is on serving clients with best in class tax consulting services.  TTR Consulting leverages over a century of tax expertise to deliver exceptional value to clients.

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The Executive College focuses on our culture and the success of our people.  They oversee and ensure all branches of our business are functioning to their fullest potential.

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The Research College is nearly the size of a mid-sized law firm and has the sole focus to read tax law, review tax law changes, and apply this information to create easy to understand tax answers.

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The Laws College focuses on daily maintenance of laws, forms, and exemption certificates.  They use TTR-created software and government relationships to obtain and review every tax-related change in the US – daily.

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The Rates College focuses on gathering, organizing, and maintaining accurate tax rates across the globe on a daily basis.  They also assist clients with any questions or special requests related to tax rates.

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The Technology College consists of professional programmers, network architects, and equipment infrastructure experts.  Their sole focus is ensuring that every user experience is simple and works every time—effortlessly.

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The ECMS College accurately gathers, organizes, stores, and validates exemption certificates, forms, and related information for businesses all over the world.  They use TTR-created software and government relationships in order to make sure that every exemption certificate is valid and safely stored in the Exemption Certificate Management System.

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The Sales College connects our company, professionals, and products & services to other businesses.  They ensure that our valuable products and services get in the hands of those that will benefit from them and provide the best customer service available – anywhere.

The best part of TTR are the people who work here - no question.  We have a group of people who make an effort everyday to be good people.  They come to work and want to be here.  They choose to learn and grow.  There is an unmatched level of care that goes into work products, communication, and personal interactions by every individual in our company.

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Get Tax Right.

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Every item that can be bought or sold has a tax answer, and we have them all – without all the complicated legal jargon.

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Get access to hundreds of thousands of Statutes, Regulations, Cases & Agency Guidance across the United States.

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A tax rate solution that gives you a rate right down to an exact street address.  With full legal support.

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