Business Licenses
Business Licenses


TTR Can Offer Help with Business License Compliance Too

We're not just about tax laws.  TTR and Avalara also have solutions to assist with research, filings, renewals, and ongoing management of business licenses.  Like tax compliance, business license requirements create meaningful complexity as the regulations vary by jurisdiction and industry.  These trusted solutions are here to help:

Business License Management for Everyone

Business License Management for Everyone

Avalara License Management

This is a subscription-based software solution that companies use to research, store, manage, and renew registrations, licenses, and permits.

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Avalara License Professional Services

Our staff of consultants and initial filing experts can analyze your compliance needs, gather information from the authorities, prepare forms, cut checks for license fees, submit applications, and procure license certificates, all on your behalf.

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Avalara License Managed Services

In addition to our Professional Services, our staff can also calendarize your business license portfolio and renew your licenses on your behalf, thereby maintaining your compliance for the long term while your staff turns their attention to other core activities of your business.

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Business License Management for Accounting Firms

Business License Management for Accounting Firms

Avalara License Management for Accountants

This is an enhanced version of our subscription-based software tailored to the needs of accounting firms that intend to profitably manage ongoing business license compliance on behalf of their existing clients. The software contains all of the standard features plus the ability to:

  • See data for every client account rolled into one master view
  • Generate audit, billing and license reports across many client accounts at once
  • Create new users, define their roles, and decide which client accounts they can access
  • Predict the renewal fees your clients will need to pay
  • And more...

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I'm a Tax Director and I've been working in tax for over 20 years. TTR presents tax information in an easy-to-read, plain English format. Our corporate tax team has used other websites and using them requires us to read a lot more than TTR - just to try and find an answer. The other companies' websites have what they call explanations, but they are basically a copy-and-paste of the law itself – which does not make things easier to understand, it ends up taking a lot of time and that makes life stressful. TTR is easy to understand and this helps remove so much stress. TTR is truly life changing!

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