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Other tax research companies gather, sort, format, and publish new and changed laws.  They are tax law publishers.  TTR is different.  At TTR we focus on understanding your industry, business, and your tax issues - first.  Before we even look at a tax law.  We then apply fully understood tax laws to your company's purchases and sales and the result is a TTR taxAnswer.

I love TTR over the product we previously used because any search performed comes back with information that's easy to understand & that applies to the search.  TTR has way better content that is understandable and applicable.  With TTR you do not need to search and search and search.  One search and done.

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Every item that can be bought or sold has a tax answer, and we have them all – without all the complicated legal jargon.

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Get access to hundreds of thousands of Statutes, Regulations, Cases & Agency Guidance across the United States.

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A tax rate solution that gives you a rate right down to an exact street address.  With full legal support.

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