What is TTR?
TTR is a website used to quickly find Tax Answers and Tax Rates.
Why do we need Tax Answers and Tax Rates?
Well, to do things right, of course! As you know, all organizations buy and sell things. When things are bought and sold, tax might need to be paid. The only way to know if tax needs to be paid is to have correct Tax Answers and Tax Rates.

Who is TTR?

TTR is a home for those that want to genuinely help others. We are not doctors, but we bring the same level of care to our clients. Many of us previously worked in corporations, at state agencies, or for consulting firms. We remember the challenges that came with each day. We can't forget the vast amount of time we all spent reading laws and not always feeling certain we had the right answer.

It is our goal to change all that. We have a simple objective: to provide a tax answer that is simply explained and fully supported for every transaction everywhere. We won't stop until we accomplish this objective. We won't stop then either, because we also have to make certain that all of these answers, explanations and supporting documents are always up to date.

We'd love the opportunity to partner with your tax team. If we sound like a good fit, then drop us a line and let’s figure out a way to work together.