TTR attending the 2012 TeleStrategies Communications Taxation Conference in Orlando Florida, May 16 - 18

Apr 2nd, 2012

Shon Holyfield, CEO of TTR, Inc., will be speaking this year at the TeleStrategies Conference covering Refunds and Audits - New State Developments and Emerging Technologies.

Mr. Holyfield says, "States are aggressively pushing back on telecommunications equipment exemptions wherever possible. Mixed use equipment (video, telecom and internet), emerging technologies, and identifying where equipment is put in use within telecommunications systems all combine to make tax exemptions challenging. This session will discuss the telecommunications systems at a high level; provide real-life examples of equipment exemption scenarios; identify those states that are pushing back on exemptions and taking aggressive audit positions; and how audit managers can take advantage of some not so well known exemptions for the telecommunications industry."

TTR will provide on-site access to their online tax answer tool.

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