TTR Releases the First-Ever Restaurant Content Library to Help the Restaurant Industry Get Tax Right

Jun 10th, 2019

McMinnville OR, June 11th - TTR, the leading provider of accurate tax answers, laws, and rates, is releasing a new Restaurant library to help the Restaurant Industry get tax right.

"The restaurant industry will frequently ask questions like, ‘How do we tax employee meals?' or ‘Are we buying paper napkins exempt for resale?' We created the Restaurant library to answer those questions across all states, and take the guesswork out of sales and use tax in the Restaurant Industry," explained Ken Webster, Head of Research for TTR.

TTR's new Restaurant library covers restaurant sales and meals tax for nearly three hundred (300) items in every state. It includes complex topics such as: bag fees, food sales, employee meals, complimentary food, non-food items, tax-on-tax, and exempt qualifications for manufacturing.

"We went out to the Restaurant Industry and said ‘What do you need? Where are the tricky issues?' That's how we ended up with the most comprehensive set of answers for the restaurant industry, anywhere," added Ken Webster.

TTR has been helping tax professionals save time and get tax right for over a decade. TTR performs sales and use tax research for a comprehensive library of thousands of products, services, and questions applicable to all industries. These are researched in every state, given simple explanations, and made available to users via TTR's website. Everything is kept accurate and up-to-date.

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