TTR Local Content Creates Billions of Sales Tax Answers

May 7th, 2014

(McMinnville, Oregon, May 9, 2014) Local sales and use tax content is available through Transaction Tax Resources (TTR). Local level tax answers and research may only be found at

TTR is an online sales and use tax website that provides subscribers with sales and use tax answers. TTR's answers are used everywhere. Fortune 500 companies use TTR's answers to review and keep other firms' research up-to-date. Fortune 1000 companies use TTR's answers to create and perfect tax automation solutions. TTR's answers are used to accurately tax customers in billing systems. TTR is now the only company in the U.S. with complete local sales and use tax answers and research. TTR now has over 1.5 Billion sales and use tax answers across the US.

Transaction Tax Resources' release of local sales and use tax content marks a turning point in sales and use tax research. Until now, it was impossible to research an accurate sales and use tax answer at the county, parish, city or local level.

"TTR's local sales and use content is the first of its kind. It is fun to do something no one else has done before. Most don't realize we've internally been on a sprint to reach the goal line first. Nearly a decade of planning and tens of thousands of hours later, we've arrived. I cannot thank our content team enough for their years of focus, dedication and persistence in accomplishing this monumental release." Shon Holyfield, CEO.