TTR Announces Enhanced Laws Library Research Tool

Mar 7th, 2017

TTR, the tax answer company, released a major enhancement to its tax software this week. The TTR Laws Library, a legal research tool professionals use to quickly find relevant legal documents, is now a featured, stand-alone section of the TTR website. This will speed up legal research time and allow tax professionals to cross-reference TTR's tax answers and analysis side-by-side with TTR's legal backup. If you've ever lost your place in the middle of tax research, you probably understand how huge this is for the tax community.

TTR's extensive Laws Library changed the game entirely on how tax law research is done. With this new release, it's possible to quickly find relevant tax statutes, regulations, rulings and cases, compare similar information across all states, cross-reference with other laws and information on the TTR website, and never lose your place. On top of that, TTR's research team keeps the information current and up to date daily.

"My team is constantly looking for ways to make life easier for tax professionals. This enhancement is based on the idea of having all your legal research books open on your desk. It's easier to cross-reference your work and, if you get up to do something else, your 'books' are exactly where you left them."

- Alex Bowling, Chief Technology Officer

TTR is pleased to provide this enhanced legal research tool to tax professionals in all industries.