TTR - The Tax Answer Company - Releases the Most Comprehensive Sales and Use Tax Library for Construction Activities in the U.S.

Apr 13th, 2016

TTR, the leading provider of sales and use tax answers, announced today that its Construction Library now contains over 1,000 construction-related questions and answers in each state.

TTR's new and improved construction library is primarily broken down between 2 categories: commercial construction and residential construction. TTR's research team also added 16 subcategories including lighting, elevators, carpentry, and flooring, to name a few. That's 29 total subcategories for both commercial and residential construction services.

Nearly every company has to pay for repairs, building maintenance, or construction services at some point. Construction is the most complicated area of sales and use tax. There are dozens of questions and terms that must be researched and defined before a tax professional can even begin researching whether a particular project (repair, maintenance, or construction) is subject to sales or use tax. Other complications enter in as well: complications like, who is responsible for paying the tax? If you are a contractor, can you pass the tax on to customers? This library provides easy-to-understand answers and explanations. The structure of the library makes it easy for a user to find the question they need answered, get an answer, and move on to other valuable projects. The best part of this release is that we gave it to every existing TTR subscriber at no additional charge. We love that!

  • Ken Webster, Head of Research

So which companies will benefit from this expanded construction library? All of them. Every company, at some point, will need construction services. With 64,260 sales and use tax answers, any company can quickly find out how to accurately pay sales and use tax on the construction services.