I'm a Tax Director and I've been working in tax for over 20 years. TTR presents tax information in an easy-to-read, plain English format. Our corporate tax team has used other websites and using them requires us to read a lot more than TTR - just to try and find an answer. The other companies' websites have what they call explanations, but they are basically a copy-and-paste of the law itself – which does not make things easier to understand, it ends up taking a lot of time and that makes life stressful. TTR is easy to understand and this helps remove so much stress. TTR is truly life changing!

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Everything sales & use tax in one place.

Tax Answers Product Crest


Every item that can be bought or sold has a tax answer, and we have them all – without all the complicated legal jargon.

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Tax Laws Product Crest


Get access to hundreds of thousands of Statutes, Regulations, Cases & Agency Guidance across the United States.

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Right Rates Product Crest


The only tax rate tool that gives you a rate right down to an exact street address. With full legal support.

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ECMS Product Crest


ECMS is the only system designed to confirm exemption certificates are valid before they get stored and notify you of any possible issues.

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Tax Automation Product Crest


Tax software you can depend on. We apply accurate answers and rates to your company's sales and purchases with detailed reports to help ensure you get tax right.

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Tax AI Product Crest


An interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) system built to streamline your research and find the tax answers you're looking for.

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Additional Tax Tools.

Online Tax Matrix (OTM) Add-on Product


An Online Tax Matrix built to quickly compare Tax Answers, Explanations, Citations, and more for all states and industries.

Tax Charts Add-on Product

Tax Charts

In just seconds, access all tax answers for products and services specific to any industry. Easily export and share with your team to ensure purchases are taxed correctly.

Tax Explanations Add-on Product


TTR has far more explanations than any other tax website which means you spend less time searching for tax answers.

Question & Answers (Q&A) Add-on Product


Send a question to TTR's research team, and get back a correct answer in record time - usually the same day.

Build a Matrix (BAM) Add-on Product


Build a Matrix with tax answers tailored to your company's needs - and let TTR keep it up-to-date.

Custom Tax Research Add-on Product

Custom Research

Have TTR research your company's products or services, put the answers and research online, and keep it up-to-date forever.

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